What is CIF Number? How to find CIF Number?

Find CIF Number – Banking system in India has kept on growing and diversifying since the beginning, from money lenders to a proper banking structure, we have come a long way since India gained independence. Banks regularly come up with miscellaneous methods to function in an efficient way.  The latest key to keeping their work effectively is the CIF number sbi.

What is CIF Number?

CIF Number – The acronym stands for Customer Information File. CIF is a unique virtual information file assigned to every account holder as a key identification number. Customer Information File stores all kinds of information which affects the credit standing and account ownership of a customer. The number of digits of CIF number varies from bank to bank like SBI has 11 digits; Axis bank has 4 digits and so on. The CIF number is assigned only once to a person, no matter how many accounts he/she holds, i.e. even if one has more than one account number one is only going to have one CIF number enabling the banks to use it to track information about their customers. The CIF number links all of the banking services accounts opened by an individual to one place. CIF number’s most important job is to serve as a central point so that the bank can competently scrutinize customer data without having to look in to each and every account held by them or every transaction made by them individually.

The CIF number enables the bank to view all the data it holds of a customer in one place thus speeding up the bank’s process. A CIF number is generated by gathering the permanent details of a customer from the Know Your Customer (KYC) form filled by them. CIF number stores information about loans, Demat accounts, etc. and personal details like name, address, and photo. CIF number comes in handy when one wants to transfer their account.

How to Find CIF Number?

Now the question arises is how can one get hold of their CIF number. There are a number of ways one can obtain their CIF number. Taking the example of State Bank of India, here are listed a number of ways one can find out their CIF number:

CIF number of SBI – Made up of eleven digits in SBI, first we will discuss how to obtain the CIF number the easier way, i.e. offline.

  • One just has to pick up their pass book to find the CIF number to find it printed on the very first page of the Passbook along with the other basic details of the account holder.
  • Except the passbook, one can also find the CIF number printed on the front page of the Cheque Book.
  • In some cases the CIF number is not printed on the front page of the passbook or the cheque book. In such cases one can visit their bank branch and request the administration to give them their CIF number by furnishing their account number and valid identity proof.
  • If one does not have their passbook or cheque book issued, they can go to their bank branch and enquire for their CIF number by providing valid identity proof.

If one does not have the time to visit their bank branch, there are a number of ways one can look up their CIF number online.

  • If one has opted for Net – banking, looking up for CIF number is very easy. First one has to log in into their account on the online SBI portal. Then clicking on the ‘My Accounts’ tab one can find the CIF number on the ‘Account Statement’ page by searching an E-statement for the particular account. One will find the CIF number just above where the IFS code is mentioned on the E-statement page.
  • Using Net – banking, one can look for their CFI number using another path. Having logged into one’s account through the online SBI portal, click on the ‘My Accounts’ Tab and click on the ‘Account Summary’ option. On the Account summary page, click on the ‘View Nomination and PAN Details.’ The next page will present the CIF number.
  • Another online method for finding one’s CIF number is that if one has opted for Mobile Banking. Log in to your account on the application and click on Services. In the next screen, click on the option of Online Nomination. In this screen, select your account type and number, after filling in your account number, one will find the CIF number just below the account number.

Except all of this, there is one last option one can try. One can call on the toll-free customer care numbers 1800 11 2211, 1800 425 3800 or 080-26599990 and after providing the account number, the customer care provider will tell the CIF number in a jiffy.

Keeping all these options in mind, one should note that receiving your CFI number through SMS or email is not impossible. Anyone claiming to provide the CIF number through message or e-mail is scamming and one should not disclose any of their bank account details to them. Also, CFI number is never provided in your ATM transaction receipts.

How To Check Your SBI Account CIF Number

If You are looking for CIF Number In SBI Account then Here we are going to share details about Check Your SBI Account CIF Number. There are Different Methods to Check Sbi Account CIF Number. So Let’s check out below for more details.

Method – 1 Using Internet Banking

If You have SBI Internet Banking Facility Then it will be easy to find CIF Number SBI. So Let’s check out below for find CIF Number In Internet Banking.

1) First Login Your SBI Internet Banking Account using Username and Password.

2) After Successful Login Account, Click On My Accounts

3) Now Click On View nomination and PAN Details in My Accounts.

4) Then You can see Your CIF Number on Next Screen.

Method – 2 View in E-statement

Now Here We have Another method to check sbi CIF Number. If You have SBI Internet banking then You can also Check this Number in E-Statement. So let’s see below for more details.

1) First Login Your SBI Internet Banking Account using Username and Password.

2) After Successful Login Account, Click On My Accounts

3) Then Click On Account Statement in My Account.

4) To view Account Statement, select your account number, select any month, and select View and click Go.

5) Then In Next Screen, You can see your CIF number in your e-statement.

Method – 3 View on SBI Anywhere App

1) First Download State Bank Anywhere Application On Your Smartphone

2) Then Login Your SBI Account in it.

3) Then Click On Services and Open it.

4) Click On Online Nomination in Services

5) Then select the transaction account in the account type and then select your account number.

6) Now you can see your CIF number.

Method – 4 Check Your SBI Bank Account Passbook

You can also Get CIF Number SBI from SBI Bank Account Passbook. If You have SBI Bank Account Passbook then Check Yout Bank Account Passbook and Note Down Your SBI CIF Number. So Using above different methods, You can find your SBI CIF Number.

Final Words About CIF Number.

CIF number is a very fundamental and important concept, as it stores the account ownership and the credit standing of the account holder. The CIF helps to inspect the products in use by the clients which hugely helps the banks to up their marketing strategy. The banks use the information gathered from the CIF to promote their products and services.

Its magnitude is evident from the fact that a bank sells its products and services not before checking the CIF. Thus it is very important that the details in the CIF be updated regularly so that their authenticity is maintained. The banks are also required to take measures in order to ensure that the information secured by them is not used for any wrong purposes thus they are obligated to take steps to guarantee the security of the information stored by them. So If You like this Article Then Share With On Social Media.